Yes, No Hat Hat, Here Is The Question

Posted by admin on July 23, 2017

It is my question. Yesterday I wore one because it was raining and I’m tired of walking all day fighting me with the umbrella and I was “ too produced “. Sometimes I feel that the Hat a garment is egoblogger too, I don’t know if I understand. Even so, I love and the hat looks to many great. It gives them that final touch that finishes off the best of the looks.

I loved the look on black and Burgundy My wardrobe in ruins, with the wide-brimmed hat of Parfois.

The Hat Macarena GEA is smaller, yet equally chic. Beautiful contrast of the layer in military green with red bag.

Wide-brimmed hats can complete a eminently hippie look to move immediately to the 1970s. Make love, not war.

It is put on a hat with the simpler look of the world and already looks thousand times better. The look of Stella wants to die, in black and white, with denim and boots it is that we could take any of us more normal day. But with the Black Hat looks splendid.

Definitely hats, Yes.

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