Would You like to Bet on a Different Garment? Dare to Wear The Breastplate Cowboy

Already a year ago that my fellow fashion colleague announced a trend of the past: the Dickies jeans. Remind me of my childhood and the yankees farmers (is what you have to do marathons of American films on weekends), but now it seems that it is one trend to the upside. And thus shows it the street, firms, shops and the bloggers. Do you go to? Hop on board from this garment?

As it could not be otherwise, they are several versions that I can find. Leaving aside the worn type and color of denim fabric, we can choose between long and short version.

Seeing the pictures of all the girls, I must confess that I prefer by the short version: a bit more feminine and perfect for summer.

And although I see it captured in the image and I like, I don’t know if I will encourage me to try take one this summer. Could it be that I am not a true victim fashion?

The case is that if at the end picara I hooked and I said to myself a ‘ go Charlie, can all ‘ would combine it with a white blouse, romantic and lace. I like the result of the protagonist of Casey completo Collection, although you change shoes.

Aimee song of Style already has shown us its version and its particular vision of combining this garment fashion: with your bag Celine Trapeze in electric blue and a patterned blouse.

But as the best I leave it to the end, I’ll stick with the second option of Leandra Medine: day or night, this garment can serve you as outfit for many occasions.

You are that they will taste to? look one this summer?