Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

Invited from around the world, get jiggy! The ceremonial winter clothes this year really allow to range from one style to another, making the choice of the interesting look. You are invited to a wedding or a very chic ceremony easier, you can find the suitable outfit thanks to proposals (it seems ironic to talk about proposals in an article dedicated just to marry) of the most famous brand, which lay down the law when it comes to new trends. And do not choose to wear a winter outfit that remains poorly suited to your appearance, it is always better to arrive at the time of purchase with pretty clear ideas about the style of this cold season.

Each invited the right look

Dresses Winter ceremony, therefore, to us. Each invited must first consider their degree of intimacy with the couple, detail that we often tend to overlook but which is essential for the initial screening of outfits.Simply put, if the invited is the maid of honor or a close relative / best friend of the couple, will surely dare feeling at ease, opting for a remarkable look, although, of course, must remain “not steal scene at the wedding “. Small aside for mothers of the bride and groom, you too can dare, but remember that you are the spokesman for the taste, so the advice is to wear chic clothes and etiquette. If the invited is the cousin of the aunt of the groom’s brother, with whom he had the last conversation preschool, maybe it’s better not to show off a diva look, preferring a more sober style. Of course, all these tips are declined according to the type of winter ceremony to which you are going to attend: the basic distinction is between the day and evening, which often corresponds to the choice of short dress and more colorful for the first case, or the long and sophisticated for the second. To respond to these needs, the most famous brands have created different lines, all with a common element: the winter. The winter from gowns are distinguished from those of other seasons, are more sophisticated and elaborate, with precious items such as furs, jackets, stoles, the result of a need typically physiological: avoid catching a chill. Trivially, it is more immediate wear a long dress in winter than in summer.

The colors and lines Winter

Colors and lines, here are the two details that characterize him most dell’invitata style. Speaking of colors, you will see that for the winter 2013-2014 the brands were not spared and have created a varied palette, which sees yes the traditional blacks and blue elegant, but which also offers red , fuchsia, pink, turquoise, next to fantasies of all kinds.Suffice it to consult the catalog of wedding gowns from Pierre Cardin to understand what you are talking about. As for the apparel line, however, in winter the tendency is to adopt a more “royal” style with long, full skirts, with cuts to Empire, or refined siren dresses for those who want an elegant look. Obviously there are not even the shorter models and saucy, perhaps more suited to dancing, the suit and complete , the bon ton dresses embroidered. The beauty of the winter ceremonies is just that: to have so much variety even in a chic and elegant environment.