Why I like Both The Summer? by Looks like These Dear…

every morning when I open their eyes and look out my window there is something that makes out of bed more forcefully: the Sun. And is that summer It already smells, and warns us that their arrival is imminent. And what I like about it (aside from the good humor that I desprendo the 24/7) are the looks that let us all the fashion blogs. Fresh, juvenile, simple cool.

And I that I am sometimes very Carrie Bradshaw, can’t do anything but admire this look-based sports Cotton Jersey (for Zara TRF) and mini tulle skirt of H & M. Simply brilliant and without much complication. The question is, do you atrevereis look like it?

If the answer is a resounding no, maybe you like more this another look taken from Trendy Taste where the shorts of multicolored flowers are the protagonists. Combined with a simple white jersey and a Red platforms you get a great effect. Easy, fast and effective.

Take your side with this t-shirt rock of cotton with two skulls and faded shorts (both of) Zara TRF). To round off the outfit, the girl it combines everything with a motorbike jacket, but watch out! Refrain from it at the height of summer: just creates annoyances.

The American feel the flag closely and it is not uncommon to see them sheathed with garments of this. In the case of Seams for to desire, wanted to give a nod to her outfit with a risky but divine dyed shirt the colors of this. What you think about the end result?

And finally, a look that as much as the years pass I can’t stop using it: broken jeans shorts and white cotton t-shirt. If you combine them with some high-heeled Sandals can manage a spectacular effect.

Which one do you prefer?