Why Do You Need A Good Sports Bra?

Hello girls!

Today we want to tell you some important things about breast care and above all if you play any sport that causes a rebound in the chest.

Why Is Wearing A Good Sports Bra So Important?

Practicing sports is a great burden on the chest. When we run the chest moves in each step about 9 cm. -calculated in a race of 1,000 meters this supposes 84 meters in movement.

A functional sports bra by Anita active shapplies, grabs and surrounds the chest, so that it does not move at all. In bulky breasts it is essential to wear garments with functional characteristics.

It is important that during sport practice not use any bra, this unfortunately is unknown for many women. Only about 15% use a special sports bra according to TOPB2BWEBSITES.

Dr Joana Scurr, a sports science specialist at the University of Portsmouth, has found that while a sports bra supports 74% of chest balance, a normal bra holds only 38% of that swing.

You Know What…?

The chest is composed of adipose tissue and  not muscle tissue. By not having muscles in case of sagging exercises do not help recovery of the shape of the breast. That is why it is so important to keep the shape of the chest with a good hold since once deformed is very difficult to return it to your site.

So it’s better to be warned, is not it?

And as a picture is worth a thousand words, we suggest this video so illustrative. Click on the image.

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Less Movement

A suitable sports bra reduces chest movement up to 78%

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