Why Do We Need to Talk about Clothing?

Talk about clothing is something complicated. A lot of people (mainly female) doesn’t like to hear about it because it says to your weak point. If you preach and defend the Christian modesty, is easily called Loyalist, extremist, Pharisee, and others more generally pejorative adjectives.

Once, on one of my studies on the topic, I came across the following text:

“Those who seek to correct others, should present the attractions of Jesus. Should speak of his love and mercy, present his example and sacrifice, reveal your spirit, and do not need to even touch the subject of clothing. There is no need to make the garment business the main point of your religion. Something more valuable for that talk. Speak of Christ, and when the heart is converted, all that is not in harmony with the word of God will fall. ” Evangelism, p. 272.

It made me rethink my stance to address this theme. I’ve been hand posture, even changed my views on the importance of the subject. But, for some time, I decided to talk about the grace of Jesus, his love, his sacrifice. I don’t want in any way to draw the attention of the person just for the reform of the clothing, but also for the Foundation of this reform, the Lord of this reform, and the source of power for this reform.

It does little more than a year. Back and forth, I have noticed and understood a little better the need there is to speak again about the topic directly. Today, I read again this quote from Ellen White, and so I decided to write about the subject.

Why, then, we need to talk about clothing?

I have identified, in my experience, 3 reasons. There may be more, and if necessary, write a second post to add them according to Phonejust.com.

Reason 1. Because the clothing reflects our character and talks about who we are and who we serve. If we are representatives of Christ (Christians) need to represent you properly.

If you were a business owner and wish to pass an image of responsibility, commitment and quality to their customers, let their employees work of slipper, canvass, and hair comb? If you had a school, let the receptionist answer parents and students with a miniskirt, a daring neckline and a strong makeup? If you had a medical clinic, let their staff dress anyway, your nurses attended to running shorts and spaghetti strap blouse? I don’t think so, since you wish to have your project well represented. Why companies may require you to walk in line about your clothing, and God cannot require you to walk in line too? Isn’t He an infinitely larger than your boss?

“Meets there is no slouch. For the sake of Christ, whose witnesses are, we must present outwardly the best aspect. In the service of the Tabernacle, God specified every detail concerning the clothing of those who should officiate before him. With this taught us that has your preferences as well as the clothes of those who serve. Detailed requirements were for him given in relation to clothing of Aaron, being this symbolic. Likewise the clothes of Christ followers should be symbolic, because their job to represent Christ in everything. Our exterior must be characterised in all its aspects by the cleanliness, modesty and purity. What, however, the word of God does not approve of are the changes in clothing for the mere love of fashion – in order to conform to the world. Christians should not adorn the body with expensive costumes and precious ornaments.

The words of the Scriptures, for garments, must be well meditadas. It is important to understand what is pleasing to the Lord even in the field of clothing. All who sincerely seek the grace of Christ, must meet these precious instructions given by inspiration of God’s Word. The very shape of clothing there is to prove the truth of the Gospel. ” Evangelism, p. 312

Reason 2. Because new people entering the Church in faith and see people “old” Church out of the principles of modesty, and learn the wrong way as a dress up those that start a new life in Christ.

This is very serious. Unfortunately, increasingly the fashion has taken space between the rows of our churches and that many new converts feel lost as to what is right and wrong. Until they have studied everything, and read everything by themselves (something that many who are in the Church for years never did), the reference to conduct which must be the members who came before them. I have heard, where new converts step desabafarem saying that sometimes have the sensation of being wrong because you accepted a message that taught them about a new life, but this new life doesn’t seem to be accepted and lived by those they found inside the Church. This is very sad.

“A point on which meets instruct that embrace the faith’s clothing – issue that must be carefully considered by the new converts. Show vanity when it comes to clothes? Pat the proud of heart? The idolatry practised in the field of clothing is moral disease; should not be introduced in the new life. In most cases the submission to the demands of the Gospel requires a decisive change in the field of clothing. ” Evangelism, p. 312

If it wasn’t necessary to teach people about clothing and modesty, the Apostle Paul did not have written “That likewise women ataviem in costume with decency and modesty, not with braids, or gold, or pearls, or precious dresses” (1 Timothy 2:9); even the Apostle Peter “the ornament of them isn’t the beaded hair, in the use of gold jewelry, the composure of dresses” (1 Peter 3:3); even you have ordered that “no man in the costume woman, and neither man will dress women’s clothing; because, any that do this, abomination is the Lord your God. ” (Deuteronomy 22:5). Once we accept a new life in Christ, we need to learn about how this new life, and so we need to hear and study on the subject.

Reason 3. Because we have preached the wrong way.

The quotation of the spirit of prophecy that woke me up to write this post says we should speak of Jesus, “to speak of his love and mercy, present his example and sacrifice, give his spirit” and we won’t even touch the subject of clothing. Unfortunately we have been flawed in talk of love, mercy, example and sacrifice of Christ. Not that we don’t have to discuss that Jesus loves us, who died for us, and that his sacrifice forgives our sins. That we do well. The problem is not present as an example (like the text even says “submit your example”), and victory over the sins that were forgiven for their sacrifice. We present Jesus, we invite people to a new life with him, but this new life to which we invite in little if differs from the life they had before I met him. We treat the victory over sin and the reform (fruit of revival) as utopia, and we talk about clothing as something that “has nothing to do”, “it’s not point of salvation”. Finally, we present a free cockroach, which changes the life of who accepts it, do you put on the new believer a Christian model, standard of conduct to be followed.

“All those studying the life of Christ and practise their teachings if they will become like him. Its influence will be identical to Your revealing Holiness of character. Palmilhando the humble path of obedience, for submission to the will of God, will exercise an influence that demonstrate the progress of his work and the healthy purity of the same. These perfectly converted souls, the world will have a testimony of the sanctifying power of the truth about the human character. ” Evangelism, p. 313.

“This is not the case in Christian militia. Anyone who submits to the conditions will be disappointed at the end of his career. No one who is fervent and persevering will cease to achieve success. It’s not the slight or career brave battle. The weakest of Saints, as well as the strongest, can reach the Crown of immortal glory. Can win all that, by the power of divine grace, lead the life in accordance with the will of Christ. The practice, in the details of life, of the principles set out by the word of God, is often look like no big deal-subject too trivial for you if you pay attention. But considering what is at stake, nothing is small when help or hinder. Each Act adds your weight on the scale that determines the victory or failure in life. ” Acts of the Apostles, p. 313.

From the Lord comes the victory to a life similar to that of Christ. However, we have presented people only forgiveness and no victory. So, our preaching about sacrifice, love and mercy of Christ are not effective in undo the need to talk specifically about reforms, such as clothing. While we present a free cockroach, do not offer people a grace that frees, sanctifies and enhances our lives, including our wardrobes!