White Special Edition Autumn/Winter

And continue with further proposals of White for this Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011. You know that the firm’s low-cost permanently removing lines and every time you go to the store there is new outfits. The last one? A special line inspired by London that we see in these photographs of the catalogue.

In its commitment to the renewal and the surprise factor, white is the inspiration for a line that comes with own label in the London of the late 60s and early 70s: Special Edition. The cultural coordinates which gave rise to the phenomenon of Swinging London, is recreated in a catalog that wants to differentiate itself from the rest by its aesthetics and design of the garments.

Seeing these pictures, these proposals and that there are in store, yesterday I gave a tour of one of them, my conclusion is that white has greatly improved in style, at least this season. The quality is not good, but the price also note with respect to other shops.

We can see the asymmetries in cutting and stamping that liberty and aires bohemians are mixed with flowers. There is also place for rigid silhouettes, volume and the fall of ultra lightweight fabrics, as this navy blue dress mixed with patterned scarf.

Long dresses and the skirts with flight “new look” along with tights too tight and too short. Shirts with lace applications and pearls as unique items that in total looks.

Carded animal hair, vintage furniture and character retro. The top model Ali Stephens Gets into some high heels to give life to a collection that baby of the British trends and recover a bygone era that marks style.

And how not, denim It is always present in all line that boasts.

A whole set of contrasts, seeking a second peaceful revolution through forms that are in fashion again.