Where the Girls of Shopping Their Outfits Bought Queen

The secret is out–Guido Maria Kretschmer has named Queen of the year its shopping. With a furious finale full of surprises, a successful shopping went Queen year end on Sunday evening. A total of 252 candidates shopped in 42 cities and all 64 x was awarded the Crown.

To the competition for the title of the year 2016, Guido called of course in his adopted country after Berlin. Here, four weekly winners selected personally by him were allowed to go again in the race. Lisa from Bremen, Babs from Ulm, Anja from Hamburg and Patrizia from Düsseldorf have convinced the designer for her style, her personality or her unbeatable points.

Celebrities support is there for your shopping tour from Alessandra Meyer-Wölden, Sonya Kraus, Panagiota Padmanabhan and Collien ELMS Fernandes. All styling pros who know how woman correctly in scene sits according to THERIGHTBRAS.COM.

The big surprise of the motto

The motto announcement is expected always with the same tension as Gunther Jauchs questions on who is millionaire. It had to be something special for the final and that waited well packed in a large cardboard box, each candidate before Guido’s speech was presented.
The content was part of the motto “Guido close – give a piece of it from my current collection the perfect touch!”
Surprise! Each got a perfectly fitting designer jacket from Karunasekera premium couture collection as Keypiece for their look. And because everything is motivation, the title not only with €1000 was rewarded pocket money.On top of that, a journey in the world metropolis of New York beckoned the winner.

Lisa & Alessandra Meyer-Wölden

Lamberts Lisa, happy new owner of a skin-tight black leather jacket with auswendiger brass sequins decorating tried her luck with Alessandra Meyer-Wölden in the LP12. Get flat Overknees for Hallhuber that should be combined to a tight short were first. After Alessandra but verkuckt had Twin set in an expensive little black dress, the whole look was spontaneously thrown around. Only budget for little BlingBling at KONPLOTT stayed. With time pressure by the Berlin traffic to the noble chauffeur Ayhan Isik which style a strictly perfect two made it has created.
For Guido the dress was only semi perfect he missed heels, which would have given the whole more class. Yet a successful first look.

Babs & Sonya Kraus

Babs from Ulm appeared with an eccentric oversize faux fur coat in yellow caught some rather difficult to have. But their shopping tour with Sonya Kraus was a single triumph. Each handle a hit. It moved the two ladies at the Hackescher Markt. The Buffalo store in the Rosenthaler Straße what there should go wrong, many shops, short distances and the Berlin shoe secret weapon.
Sonya KaufDichGlücklich discovered a jumpsuit black, simple, sleeveless. This there was extra Kinky pumps nice and high, tapering and golden with matching clutch recommended by our favorite Buffalo specialist. For the jewellery on spring design of the ring was chosen up to the belt. Et voila after three hours was the outfit and the girls had enough time to get a shining finish at Shan Rahimkan.
Clean, rich, stylish, classy or even elegant, confident, gorgeous Babs was literally showered with compliments. The result better than his own show look liked even Guido. Well done.

Patrizia & Collien ELMS Fernandes

Lively Patrizia and her Anziehungsberechtige Collien ELMS Fernandes took care of her new fuchsiafarbenes Chashmere jacket. As a combination of Jackie O. with a touch of Marilyn Monroe demanded the little piece of designer for a feminine look why you went to the vintage specialist Fruchthaus Berlin. The shop in the Zionskirchstraße has already some Berlin style helped to shopping Queen candidate to the right.
In a black knee-length sheath dress by stop staring felt Patrizia right at home. Who can you too Diva would have thought at the beginning. As much curves need elegant pumps that were also found. Only at accessories, Sam tried to brake. Glitter or glitter more candidate Patrizia prevailed.
For the styling, it went to the backstage, where a dedicated team all gave three-man-woman-wife during Collien with needle and thread has cleverly adapted the dress. In the end, only a brooch to the elegance line lacked Guido.

Anja & Panagiota Padmanabhan

Wild, eccentric, according to the jacket by candidate Anja plan inspired her to a super hero styling – so far.Accompanied by Panagiota Padmanabhan designated though was the designer piece exploded Eggplant so but not less victory-hungry.
In the second hand shop vintage dress code they took place a rivet-studded Lady Gaga sunglasses for Anja.Unusual and promising to get you started. After that, she had to be but strong (for themselves and their Greek Mama). To complete their art performance, candidate Anja visited a sex shop. Not the first time for shopping Queen and usually a difficult choice, because as the past already showed: LaTeX holds up. The lengthy try cost nerves and time again. On the receipt, a €220 landed small LaTeX dress, as well as a few adult rivets boots.Guido’s comment: with this look, every SM Club is pleased to have you as a guest. Only alcohol helped Jon.
The expensive purchase was unfortunately on the styling on. When hair colada handed the budget only for a new hair color and a €16 favourable eye liner.
Although extreme was expected, Anja encountered a speechless jury on the catwalk. The reviews ranged from: not so horror about brave and innovative until cool. Collien ELMS Fernandes surprised to even the most because she found the look in a frightening way sharp. On the podium failed Anja yet.

Guido & the Golden handkerchief

In this episode, not only the shopping was crowned Queen of the year surprise Babs from Ulm the Crown deserves get no Guido gave for the first time on his candidate hearts Golden HANDKERCHIEF for the tränenreichsten day of shopping.
A first prize in all respects. Advised by Guido Maria Kretschmer dufte himself most personally choose the lucky girl in the Lafayette a complete outfit. Without time limit and with free budget! Andre Märtens and team provided the perfect styling. Hopefully this leads Queen in a tear 2017 at shopping.

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