What You like Collection over this Autumn-Winter

After seeing most of the proposals for this Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 our favorite stores where we bought most of our outfits, stores low cost as Zara, Mango, Stradivarius, target and H & M, I want to make a compilation so that you can choose which you like the most.

All agree on several proposals that we could define as the must of this winter: lace, denim shirts and jackets from leather Aviator type. Three essentials that can not miss in your wardrobe to be fashionable this winter. The big surprise? White the great disappointment? Zara.


White autumn-winter 2010 / 2011


All these firms you know that my prerida is Mango, but that has really surprised me this season is White. It has improved a lot in the design of their clothing, and has made a collection of comfortable, very feminine and sexy, because for the night you have a few precious and elegant dresses. One of their bets has been the line of clear inspiration from Chanel dresses and Rory chaquetitas.

Denim is a must in any collection that boasts, and this year more. White has many garments cowgirls, ideal to combine with a special line inspired by London.

We can see the asymmetries in cutting and stamping that liberty and Bohemian airs for dresses are mixed with flowers. There is also place for rigid silhouettes, volume and the fall of very light fabrics, and lace, long lace in all types of garments. Proposed very sexy for the night.

Mango fall-winter 2010 / 2011


In handle colors are tile and camel as major protagonists of all its proposals. As the image you chose once again the actress Scarlett Johansson, showing us a collection inspired by the 1960s. Also the model Elettra Wiedemann It is protagonist of the inspiarada line in the 70’s. Two lines to match its wonderful collection of plug-ins.

The dress is the main protagonist. There are designs for all occasions and for all tastes. The most common style are the dresses tube for the carved point day. For night lace.

As for his collection of party dresses of all kinds can find: lengths for weddings, short for weddings in the morning or overnight according to add-ins that you put.

For the night you can also choose between the elegant and refined models designed by Naty Abascal, is the Mango, Chose collection by Naty. You can also choose between their jackets from leather, jeans or stylish accessories.

And we can not forget his last great signing, Olivia Palermo He is already teaching us how you are their outfits.

Zara fall-winter 2010 / 2011

This season the proposals of Zara have been a huge disappointment. I always buy a lot of clothes in the Empire of Amancio Ortega and this season, so far, I’ve bought anything nor I like her dresses. A collection of boring and nothing female, dominated the oversize dresses, jerseys, jackets … nothing feminine and very serious. As for the colors include gray, camel, Brown, and black.

In his collection Trafaluc, the younger line of Zara, highlights the Aviator style and the dresses with floral print good girl.

You can get a look folk so divine.

Stradivarius autumn/winter 2010 / 2011

Stradivarius It has improved dramatically. Every season I am surprised and I must say that its winter collection I liked. To start and just like the previous signatures, has been a protagonist of exception for your winter catalog: the Spanish top Clara Alonso.

Military style It is one of the must haves: military coats, boots, jackets … ideal to combine with the collection of denim, which comes very complete. You can also find a variety of jeans, and denim shirts.

For the night The lace It is another of her Essentials: jackets to wear with jeans, dresses, skirts … .at equal to wool dresses. And combined with a wide variety of footwear.

H & M autumn/winter 2010 / 2011


H & M account for their autumn/winter 2010 campaign / 2011 with Daria Werbowy. In his collection comprises lace garments, trend star this season, with a wide variety of denim garments and one of the basics of every wardrobe, the trench, which is ideal to wear in spring.

In addition, we can find a variety of Prom dresses. Black He is the protagonist for all its proposals: lace, tacks, and asymmetric cuts.

Proposals and model for all tastes, styles and bodies. What do you prefer?