What to Wear for the Cultural Contest

Have you heard of the talk about the cultural contest? Officer Look of the day rest assured because the battle of looks is already coming to an end. Too bad, because we’re going to miss you!  We love receiving the invitation to participate in the competition, have accompanied these last few months the national repercussions of the contest, may have taken the name of the luxury feeling to other states, new readers. There is everything that we take a very positive result! The fact is that we are in the month of November (right at the very end, but we are!). The contest is still going on and we still have the hope to bring the award to Mato Grosso do Sul.

But for those who do not know yet and didn’t see the previous posts we will explain again: there are 5 stages of the contest, which is happening since July 13 and ends now in November 13, with each month being chosen a finalist. On Dec 13 all the girls were classified to compete for the best overall look. There will be 5 semifinalists! The RAQUEL ARAÚJO was invited by officer to be informative and ambassador of the blogger cultural contest here in Campo Grande, so people are competing with people from different corners of Brazil, representing our beloved city brunette! Participating in the panel of jurors, “it blogger” Camila Cutinho (stupid girl) is the official ambassador of the blogger contest; the brothers Marcos and Marcelo Proença; the top designer Carlos Miele and you, since the public can also vote for the page of the Facebook of the officer !!!

This November we ride 6 looks to join the battle. We went for shopping Campo Grande and choose very different productions, to please all tastes and styles, so you can vote in that most identifies with its fashion profile. The online stores are filled with pieces from the collection of summer, which will ensure your favorite look!