What Size is Your Ring

Choose a ring: how to determine its size?

You’re about to you offer a jonc, but not sure the size on your wrist?

The specialist from BarbleJewelry will give some advice on ring size so you don’t ever wrong when ordering!

Length and inside diameter which match?

While for a flexible bracelet sizes are logically given in length (15 cm to 23 cm is the range of classic size for a bracelet), it is for a ring, usually circular rigid bracelet, the sizes displayed correspond to a diameter (in this case at the inside diameter, ranging generally from 5 cm to 9 cm). Although it follows a certain logic (the jeweler attending usually easiest to measure), having a circumference on the one hand and an inside diameter on the other hand can be confusing when selecting the size of a ring!

Those who have the hump of mathematics, will tell you “easy, if I have the length of my silver bracelet, it’s like having the circumference of a circle, it’s easy to get the diameter of this circle and thus the size of my ring!”. We could actually use the formula learned at the college namely (circumference = Pi * diameter), Yes, but here, there is a nuance not to overlook: attaches a flexible bracelet with a clasp where the wrist is the end, while a rush, especially if it is completely closed, as for example for the branches of a weekly, is put on him by the hand and so must spend there where the hand is wider than the wrist left to float slightly once donned, it’s also often like this that you can wear!
What size for your ring?
To make the job easier, here is a little table of equivalence of sizes (ring/bracelet/wrist) that will allow you to easily determine the size need you hopefully!

Careful, however to relativize these measures on a fairly thin body types, feel free to move on to the larger (who can do more can do less as they say), especially when it is a completely closed ring, or even an ring open sometimes too rigid to be discarded then threaded.

Wrist (measured) Bracelet size


Ring size

(Inside diameter)

Equivalent size


15 cm 17 cm 5 cm XS
16 cm 18 cm 5.5 cm S
17 cm 19 cm 5.5 to 6 cm S
18 cm 20 cm 6 cm M
19 cm 21 cm 6.5 cm M
20 cm 22 cm 7 cm L
21 cm 23 cm 7.5 cm L
22 cm 24 cm 8 cm XL