What Shoes Wear to a Wedding in Spring?

Dress for a spring wedding is as exciting as complicated. This season, the weather is not as cold or too hot. Given that a lot of people have problems with what type of shoes used for a wedding in the spring, we have prepared some excellent options, both for men and for women.


The idea is to keep a cheerful footwear. The use of the work for a wedding shoes, especially in spring, is a very bad idea. You can leave behind the monotonous work shoes and opt for a few elegant mocassins, since these do not even require socks and you can create a fresh look; but it is important to choose a few loafers of skin for formal occasions like weddings.

Semi brogue shoes can also be used at formal parties, its simple but elegant design ensures not to wear casual for the wedding.


Women may wear thin stiletto heels, sandals by strips, gold sandals, some modern heels and elegant platforms for a wedding in the spring. They can take a pair of decorated heels open-toe or metallic tones to match the fabric of the dress.

The strappy sandals are perfect for a wedding, since they provide balance and security when it comes to dancing. If you don’t feel you comfortable in heels, then definitely go for a flirty platforms.