What Shoes Use a Grey Suit?

Imagine this: it is your wedding, and just is the moment in which you and your spouse attracts the attention of all the guests, of course, you will want to look amazing and be the best. Being the perfectionist that you have everything ready, since your costume perfectly adjusted to your size gray matching tie and shirt to an expensive watch that shines on your wrist, but manage to forget and do not lend you so much attention to the most important accessory: your shoes. And that’s where all your stylish outfit comes down, Yes, the incorrect choice of shoes is a for men’s fashion faux pas.

Select the appropriate shoe depends on the color of your suit and occasion. When you want to create a formal look, decide what shoes wear certain costumes sometimes can be too exhausting and confusing.

The favorite color for costumes this year is grey. If you have a grey suit and you are confused about the selection of the ideal shoe, here are some suggestions according to THERELIGIONFAQS.COM.

Complementary colors

The most important part is to know the effects of color. There are certain colors that complement and others that contrast. Your outfit grey goes very well with black, coffee and the Burgundy; It all depends on the shade of gray that you’re using. Forget the coffee if your suit is charcoal gray.

Types and textures

Today, there are many options available for shoes for use with costumes. For your gray suit selected, no doubt, a couple of monk-straps / elegant shoes laces. Shoes with side closures also add an extra touch to your costume. All of these shoes go well on both occasions, formal and semi-formal.

Regardless of the color or the type of shoes, the first thing you need to do is opt for the comfort of the shoes first.