What It Carries: Dresses Balloon

This is one of those trends that do not benefit us all alike. Balloon-type volume is quite treacherous, seems to play in our favor, but can become our worst enemy; It seems to cover, but it tends to widen; It seems that it conceals, but the optical effect can be precisely contrary to that we seek; and it is that you items, the more stuck to the skin, most conform to reality.

This summer we’ve tired orchards with pictorial dresses forms of Dolce & Gabbana, and aesthetically, to me at least I love the silhouettes of this type, provided that they are not exaggerated or excessive, whenever “inflate” cautiously outline more winding and dangerous woman: hips; I love the romantic and historic touch giving, Although I insist, you must be very careful with the proportions, if the skirt or dress is too short, bad, but if they are long, almost worse, there to go for measures just above the knee, to cut leg, and volume should always be restrained so that it not too distracted about our true figure.

The one that takes in the photo Lauren Conrad I love, is of BCBG by Max Azria, folds falling from the chest and they do it very discreet, not they abullonan, which carries Rumer Willis, photo in the Middle, I can the neckline, is fantastic, but for my taste, and while looks it very well, is too bulky.