Wedding on the Beach Dresses

Attend a beach wedding is the perfect opportunity to have fun with the outfit invited to pick any fresh and chic look. How to choose the ‘ceremonial dress just right for a receipt at the seaside? First try to find out what will be the theme and color of decorations, such as flowers chosen by the bride, also considered the largest event time. Set the color and style that sfoggerete and build your outfit with chic accessories that fit the dress chosen. The beauty of the beach wedding? You can really daring with colors and cuts of the clothes, the formality is not compulsory!

The right colors for the beach

Wedding on the beach means: color, color, color! Have no fear, the sea almost anything is possible, provided that the limits of good taste. Unique ban, the white dress, unless the bride is not wearing a colorful dress. If you love the pastel colors, you can wear a beautiful dress blue, turquoise, or in shades of blue, to bring up the deep sea. Or dare with a beautiful green, or pink coral, with the vacancy fresh tan you will sing perfectly to your complexion. Favorite show off color more determined?No problem! Red, yellow, purple, any color will do, avoid the darker tones, too sophisticated for this type of location. Not only solid color for lì’invitata: the floral patterns will be more than welcome and, if the ceremony is in hippie style, yes even to batique! Remember to inform you about the type of decorations and the main theme of the reception: if you will match your outfit choices decorations by the couple, you’ll make a winning choice.


The right cut by the sea

Once established the color of your dress, you’ll have to choose the model that suits your physiognomy. In the beach you can wear either a short dress, even a nice minidress above the knees, and long models, as long as in light and soft tissue. If the wedding will take place during the day, do not overdo it with the formality, prefer shorter models and simple, perhaps with voile skirts and tulle. You can also choose a nice pair of baggy pants, very fashionable this year, and combine it with a bodice or a chic top. With the sea breeze you can play with the softness of the fabrics, to get a jaunty effect and perfect for summer. For invited to an evening wedding, the ‘long dress is very recommended: wear a model with semi-transparent voile skirt from the knees to the ankles, or an empire-style model, soft and sinuous. Avoid loose clothing, uncomfortable and impractical to walk in the sand.

Sbizzarritevi, finally, with necklines , because at the beach you can be more daring.

Chic accessories for the invited

To complete your outfit on the beach wedding, it just has to choose the accessories right. The advice is to match shoes, stoles, Exchange and any other elements to balance the palette of colors you will wear. If you have opted for a colorful dress, looking for accessories with neutral shades.Otherwise, if you bet on the color, choose floral colors, more natural and chic. Put a beautiful flower in her hair, or wear a hat for sun protection.Do not forget the shrug, necessary for the moment of the ceremony in the church, and useful in case of excessive wind. The best hairstyle is soft and simple, not too complicated and rigid. Better a nice semiraccolto, a braid or simply loose and wavy hair on the shoulders. Another positive aspect of the wedding on the beach as the choice of shoes. If you wish, you can even remain barefoot! The style advice is to look for a beautiful jewel of the foot or a chic decoration to be applied instead of flip-flops.Yes flat sandal, maybe jewel. Finally, why not top it off with a nice pair of gaudy earrings?