Wedding Guest Hairstyles with Hat

Accomplices also the royal wedding of William and Kate, today we will give some tips to the invited to the wedding who want to wear the hat. First of all it is worth highlighting one thing: the hat you can wear only if you choose to wear it also the mother of the bride; if not avoided, or replaced the hair with a headband or a hair accessory for more detail. Also avoid too much make you take your hand: remember that in England wearing hair accessories and hats at the ceremonies is almost an obligation, which we are not and we are much less accustomed to this custom. The term never forget it so elegantly, who obviously hates the excesses!

First of all if you know the bride and groom will not have problems to inform you about the tone of the ceremony. Avoid direct questions but with little tricks you can figure out if the spouses have in mind a very elegant wedding or something more easy. For example, if the groom will wear tight, you can be sure that it will be a stylish and even your attire ceremony will selected accordingly. Forbidden colors like white and black but green light to all pastel shades, always very fashionable and very suitable for a ceremony as a wedding. So remember that the hat is perfect only for ceremonies very formal: in this case the you will wear only if it does the mother of the bride, and we recommend that you avoid when the tone of the ceremony will not be particularly elegant and formal.

In that case it is likely to squeak a bit ‘with the will of the couple to have their wedding simple without formality. The hat then be worn throughout the ceremony and reception. Also watch the matches with the chosen dress. Is a very elegant suit tailoring worn with a wide-brimmed hat, the same gown shades.