Wedding Etiquette for Guests

You think it is a bit ‘anachronistic to talk about the wedding etiquette in 2012? Remember that reviewing some etiquette rule is always useful, especially for occasions like marriage! In addition, follow certain traditions can help organize the most special day of your life: in this way you will go on the safe side in the choice of the small details that will characterize the ceremony and reception. Here is some advice for a wedding from real princess and to prevent slips and bad figures with your guests!

The etiquette of the wedding ceremony

Before the ceremony the groom comes to church with his mother and waits for the bride at the altar. Waiting is free to greet guests and greet relatives and friends. The groom and his guests, will stand on the right side, facing the altar, and on the left those of the bride. The bride arrives on time Church (or at most a few minutes late) and walks down the aisle with her ​​father, walking slowly and smiling. Avoid long delays: five minutes are granted but not more or you could risk having the Priest begins the ceremony without you! Leaving the church the guests will have to wait outside for the couple that with the witnesses must sign the marriage registers. There will also be traditional launch of rice: the recommendation is to avoid hitting the couple with violence and do not throw anything else that is not rice!

The etiquette for clothing of the guests

You must always remember that you are a first at La Scala and therefore are absolutely prohibited long dresses (although the reception is in the evening), and sequins. The ‘long dress, to be suitable for a wedding, will have a colorful imagination and must be worn with flat shoes. No also to Black (does not fit a wedding although many girls have recently taken this habit) and especially the white reserved for the bride. Especially if it is areligious marriage in no cracks or excessive necklines; if necessary cover the shoulders with a stole or a coat. For the men in green light blue suits or gray and it is granted only if it also wears tight groom, the witnesses and the bride’s father.

The etiquette for newlyweds

The bride to one day wear a fabulous dress: in this case, however, we want to provide some recommendations. No Color type red or burgundy, better to opt for the classic white, beige or light gray. Avoid in any case necklines or deep openings on the back; if your gown provides bare shoulders with a stole or you’ll have to cover them with a warm heart to match. By following a few small rules of common sense, however, brides can choose according to their taste among the many and wonderful proposals of the stylists. Rather different speech for the man: for him the choice narrows. Blue suit or gray or tight, if the wedding is very elegant.Other is not allowed. As for the reception, it is strongly recommended not to wait for your guests while you turn the city looking for the right location for taking pictures: remember that the wedding album “posing” is really little chic! Much better to choose a photographer will immortalize you when you do not notice, thus creating more natural pictures.