Wedding at the Beach What to Wear

How to dress for a wedding by the sea? This season are in fact many married couples who decide to celebrate their big day in a unique location, with a ceremony on the beach and dancing in the moonlight. If you were invited to a wedding by the sea, even your clothing will be studied in detail. The first tip is certainly the one to inform you about the tone of the ceremony: it is not said that those who marry the sea choose a casual celebration and not overdressed. Already by the invitation to the event you can still easily guess the dress code required.

Casual chic wedding at sea, how to dress?

If the ceremony will be held on the beach and the reception promises to casual chic, the advice is to choose a cool clothing, soft colors and soft fabrics. Therefore perfect for strapless dresses in chiffon to choose from in shades of blue, pink, yellow or of orange. They will go very well the long dresses, as long as not too elegant, with a touch of casual chic. Banned high heels: to give a special touch to your green light to put low jeweled sandals, to match either short or long dress patterns. Avoid always provocative dresses and necklines too harsh and always keep on hand a colorful pashmina, especially for the time of the religious or civil ceremony.

What to wear to elegant wedding at sea

When you have to take part in an elegant wedding at sea, the question changes. If the ceremony will not take place on the beach you can still wear heels, maybe choosing shoes colorful and not too shiny, especially if the wedding is in the morning. For clothes always the same rule applies: green light to light shades and pastel, perfect for summer location. You can also dare with beautiful floral patterns, very trendy and also offered by many designer labels in their spring summer 2013 collections.