Wedding Accessories for Bride and Groom

The accessories for the groom, the day of the wedding are very important and must not be left to chance. There are some basic items that must never be forgotten: first of all, the shirt he sees to be strictly white, as the tie that will have the classic colors wedding. If the bride can play around ‘with fashion, without exaggeration, for a dream dress, to man the choices are very limited and it is always better not dare to keep to the classic. The belt must be black, as well as wedding shoes in brushed calfskin.

Of course the groom did not wear jewelry of any kind, except the classic wristwatch and cufflinks to be the most traditional possible, in yellow or white gold with the initials. Attention then to the fabric of your dress that will not be unsuited to the season but mainly to avoid the shiny and bright fabrics. FORBIDDEN the tuxedo, colored stockings, a shirt that is not white and the colors too bright for your clothes. If you have any doubt, I suggest you contact a store with a sober and classic style that no doubt will advise you the best for your wedding.

The dress will be dark gray or blue, depending on your preference, except of course for the tight following different rules and special.

I feel like break a lance in favor of the classical style and sober, especially for the man. Avoid fact make you infected by fashion trends and keep a traditional style for your wedding dress. Remember that your photos of that day will accompany you throughout your life and you do not wish to see you again in a few years to think: “But as I was tanned?”.