Ways to Wear Mini Skirts

It’s time to reclaim the miniskirt from the bottom of your wardrobe. The play won the walkways and promises to be the big trend of 2016

The long skirts and midi finally opened ticket and now is the time of miniskirt dictate fashion in 2016! If you needed an extra incentive to bet on miniskirts in your next afternoon of shopping, here goes: split up some fashion tips for you to use and abuse the short skirts with style and without running the risk of making mistakes.

  1. Monochrome is in
    The color doesn’t matter. Whether in a total blacklook white, or why not, in a fatal red, the monochrome combinations are a chic alternative, elegant and super sexy. To make visual even more modern, bet on the combination of textures such as shirt and denim skirt. Looks great!
  2. Fall into the night with style
    Not only can the miniskirt, as must be your ally to the ballad or dinner over the weekend. To create a sexy look, choose heavier fabrics such as leather, chamois, velvet or even short skirt with lace, fringe or embroidered. I love it! I chose this chamois with fringes because disguises somewhat the length and is not so short. You can finish the production mixing classic elements, like gold accessories and high-heeled shoes. The model escarpim or heel Sandals, lengthen the silhouette and let your legs further outlined. You bet!
  3. Bet on leather
    The rocker production footprint is released in 2016 and can be used with the miniskirt will. The fabric creates a heavier effect on the look, therefore, must be balanced with small handbags and accessories. Abuse of black, grey, green and Navy Blue. And depending on the make you choose, this production is beautiful at any time of the day.
  4. Everyday life far from the obvious
    The good of the miniskirt is that it can be used every day, regardless of season. The play gives total freedom to invent (and innovate!) the production, mainly during the afternoon. Be at work (of course it’s not ideal if you work in a more formal company), in the movies or on the happy hour with friends, you can bet on most casual miniskirts (chess or jeans) with tops and t-shirts, and on colder days, with sweatshirts. In feet? Sneakers, shoes or ankle boots. You choose!
  5. Long life at boots
    The combination miniskirt + over the knee boot is beautiful, but risky. For the look don’t be exaggerated and call attention to the measure, invest in higher parts more behaved, how long sleeve blouses, oversized blazer or trench coat. Long vests also gave a modern look the look without straining production.
    Approved tips?