Ways to Wear a Dress Shirt

Posted by admin on October 17, 2016
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As practical as classy, ​​the shirt dress is a valuable ally for the summer wardrobe. The proof required 5.

If you do not know what to wear with this weather-slinging mid-Toussaint and you flatly refuse to deny your summer wardrobe, the dress shirt seems to be  THE  part you need.  And because it fits all occasions. Demonstration.

  • The dress shirt as office attire

Being the most solemn of  all  our  dresses  summer, dress shirt fits perfectly into our office outfits, especially when it is desired to keep a minimum of stylistic dignity in case of increase (unexpected) of mercury.

  • The dress shirt as holding atypical beach

More effective than combo denim shorts / tank top, shirt dress  has  the merit of covering you as well after a dip in the pool for a drink  after-beach  town.

  • The dress shirt as evening wear

Speaking of outings, nothing like a dress shirt unbuttoned pants worn on  sophisticated  to compose an original and stylish outfit.

  • The dress shirt as held midseason

When summer is delayed, it puts his shirt on a men’s dress shirt with long sleeves or a romantic blouse, much like one can do with a combination or dungarees.  Care is taken to roll up their sleeves to raise Pass or to withdraw some history buttons to get a clever layering.

  • The shirt dress coat as

Completely open, the shirt dress serves summer coat, provided to take in a free and strong color. Side matter, one can opt for a shirt dress in jeans,  nice  alternative  to traditional denim jackets .

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