Wardrobe Cornerstones – the Blue Jacket

Posted by admin on November 14, 2016

Last time we mentioned button-down shirt, and now it’s time for another cornerstone of the male wardrobe. We’re talking today about the blue jacket. A garment that we believe that every man should own, but that can look very different depending on the season, cut and details. Whether it concerns a stronger flannel for the fall or a super-slim S150 for the peak summer season, there are few garments that are more wearable and useful than just the blue jacket.

Although a blue jacket is a garment that goes to almost everything in the closet, it is absolutely worthwhile to reflect on the material. It’s very easy to be tempted to buy a formal dark blue suit then wear the jacket as odd blazer. This can definitely work if there is a structure in the material but the risk is imminent that diet break is too big against a pair of casual trousers.

If you choose instead a casual cotton suit in blue for the same reason there is the obvious danger that the jacket is bleached and thus do not have the same color as the trousers which destroys the ability to wear it as a costume.

We recommend instead that you buy a jacket that is just meant to be worn as odd blazer and adapt materials and patterns accordingly. Remember that dark thin wool can see well out strict with jeans and a weak patterns such as herringbone, Pepita, dog tooth or Glencheck almost always give a little more life to a dark blue base. When it comes to the material can think of several ways. Either buy you something to work 10 months a year and then a jacket of thinner wool is often a good option as it does not get too hot in summer. Another option is to buy two blue blazers; one for the fall in coarse material and one for spring / summer eg cotton or linen that can be dated winter.

Once selected materials and designs, there are of course a variety of choices such as single or double-breasted, 2 or 3 buttons, wide or narrow kind, modern or classic blazer length etc.

We think there’s a charm with all the options above, but here you have to go to yourself and think about what you yourself are comfortable in. Try to ignore the “truths” that can not fit into some clothes if you are short or tall, and even what the current trend says and try to go after what you like as a carrier. Everything is ultimately about being comfortable in what you wear and no clothes is affordable if it is hanging in the closet.

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