Wardrobe Cornerstones – Cotton Trousers

The documentation of vårgarderobens cornerstones goes on and today we’ll look at an option in byxväg. Some call them chinos but what we are aiming at is an elegant and dressed cotton pants that will spring to autumn counterpart flannel trousers. Well-dressed, versatile and portable! We have looked at several manufacturers, passport forms and hues to give some advice on what might be the smart choice for many years to come.

Trousers are an excellent option for spring and summer. Maybe not quite as cool as thin wool or linen, but with a great advantage in an optimal case, and a sense that works in both dressed as job context.

When selecting the fit and silhouette, it is of course much of a personal preference but we recommend that you look at the pants with slightly higher waist, which usually looks much better combined with the blazer when you often wish that the proportions between the legs and upper body should be beneficial for the former.

If you want to see something farther out, it may be a good tip to choose a byxlängd falling without breaking. This means that the pant ends at or just above the shoe and do not fall over the shoe. It provides a clean and tidy case, according to us, and should be combined with a suitable Foot width of the pant. The shorter the pants are, the narrower it tends to need to be in the foot to see not cut off and flaccid out.

What are the dimensions that fit the course individually, but we prefer a pant that goes to the ankle with a Foot width of about 18cm. If you have bigger feet, wider calves or simply larger size should obviously not lock at just 18cm.

In färgväg the options are almost endless. Perhaps the most classic choices are the beige cotton trousers which are often combined with a dark blue blazer. If you want something a little more playful saturated hues of orange, green or dark blue very nice but skip the garish most “success trousers in bright red, pink or yellow birdie which can often be quite severe combined.

Other selections are subdued hues that border each other, such as taupe located between gray and brown. When the steel gray tend to be a bit dead in cotton, some brown tones give warmth to the whole.

Last but not least, of course, summer classic in white. A choice that may tend to give too big contrast to the example blazer and referred us to combine best with a light gray or beige jacket and blue shirt. If you’re not comfortable in pure white can look after a pant crémevitt or off white to blend in more easily.