Vintage 70s Hot Pants

Today on a Google search, you can find vintage hot pants for ladies. According to the clothing dictionary, hot pants can briefly be defined as mini pants with a slim fit. They are found both in the range of underwear and shorts. In this field there is a specific focus on lingerie versions. Unlike regular panties, hot pants are much milder to the skin and most of them are designed with short legs in skirt shaped, which means that they can sit nicely on the buttocks. This kind of underwear is especially suitable for wearing under dresses and skirts, so you will never see it blown up by a mischievous wind. Hot pants can also be a good choice for your running and fitness training, so that you will not encounter any problems when you exercise.

There are plenty of hotpants for retro style on internetages, you can find a wealth of charming styles and colors. The collection offers not only cute blonde models with sporty designs, but also a variety of exotic flavors. You can even wear them when you are in the item as smart shape wear, so you can shape your body further. The color spectrum offers many things, such as the classic dark flavors, nude designs and beautiful wild colors, so that you will have ample opportunities to find the right underwear that fits your current wardrobe. There are some solid color versions under the pants, as well as those charming printed designs with beach patterns, flowers or bold text prints. Once you’ve found the right panty, subsequently you need to find a beautiful bra or an undershirt to match with it. You can see more in the wide assortment of hotpants for ladies, where you can get lots of inspiration to your underwear drawer.


Vintage Hot Pants