Video: My Collection of Handbags

The video today is about a subject that every woman likes: purses! I came to show you some of my and tell a little of the history of them. Bag is something that requires a bigger investment, so I think a lot before buying. Usually buy on trips(so in the video I’m always talking about a different place, I don’t think I’m gross, please, kkkk) and months before boarding I’m researching what will be the time, huh! If you are thinking of investing in any purse, watch the video comes underlined to see what my favorite:

Classic Q Baby Groove Marc by Marc Jacobs
The first designer handbag gringo who bought when I visited NEW YORK in 2010. I remember to this day to have planned to buy, wanted this template and I went to the store to try. The idea was to buy a beige or Brown, more basic, it was my first designer bag ‘, but I loved the pale blue and it was with her that I came home. I almost gave up because I thought a lot of money on a scholarship, but after I bought comecer noticing differences in finish and today I think the super good price!! That’s kind of leaning in my closet because during one year only wore it, hahaha! The color turned out not to be a hindrance for nothing, is pale and I think pro pulls grey, is almost neutral. Used with neutral looks to give a grace to look: Blue was a darling with gray, beige, white…

The sisters: Alexander Wang Rocco and Rockie
This black bag was an achievement: bought after wish for loooong time! You know when you’re so happy with a purchase that you can’t get off of it? I used both, but so much, that the leather was completely faded and detonated, but honestly I think it suits her style and I think even more cool her like that. After nearly two years with Rocco bought her younger sister, the Rockie. Not planned, bought on impulse because he loved the Rocco and the mini version and beige would be useful in my closet. But it took me to start using! Only after about 6 months with her at home that I started using really Rockie, who as the eldest sister is  pretty heavy. A lot of people like that template and you buy, but I would think long and hard if you’re not accustomed to heavy models, the pins weigh a lot! The practical part is the long handle, I want all my purses have this handle according to SIZEABLEHANDBAGS.

Motorcycle bag Balenciaga
Another purchase that made me super happy! Dated this model for years! Years even, loving every color out. It took me a long time to buy because it’s a really expensive purse, had to think waaaay before investing. And today I’m happy to have bought, because as much as Rocco, is my most practical bag, which goes with everything and that fits a lot! Is my choice for the airport, for a day that I will be away from home for long, anyway, is the day to day I like the color, a medium gray lead with rose hardware. I chose that tom to escape the colors that already had at home, and I hit: it works well with light and dark colors, is well Joker!

The mini bag: Proenza Schouler, Chloé, Philip Lim and Coach
They aren’t even so mini’s smaller purses than the ones I used to use and my newest craze.Work fine with my body type, you’ve heard that the bag should be proportional to its owner? I’m small and so the bags work well, except that it’s not every day I face crowded, heavy bag, you know? The colorful don’t fit so much, my wallet, for example, is huge and you can’t take. But the Coach and the Phillip Lim are perfect!! Fit wallet+cellphone+small camera and make-up, have long and short handle, anyway, you can use too. For me are the  perfect size to use on trips, when I like to spend most of my time as possible on the street and a heavy bag ends up making me in a bad mood before this day is out.

And the Brazilian representatives in my selection: the Adô!
The Adô Atelier is a very dear to me, here in BH. I told you a thousand times the brand here and you’ve seen me using vááários brand models, the last of them here. I love the work of girls, always consistent with the trends but unlike anything  we’ve seen in other brands.

Liked the video? Does anyone have any bag of dreams? I’m keeping an eye on the next, but I’m going to do a post just on her. I’m watching a classic model of a trademark right.Some kick? Heheh!

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