Versace Dress: Claudia or Jessica?

Normally, Donatella dresses are hard to carry, is it needed a superb figure for cutting highlight and so beautifully as they were intended to bring. And when there is a model who falls in love with, a Versace is used multiple times and by multiple people. Maybe in different colors or maybe if it’s so irresistible in the same.

According to FASHIONRULING, this was the case of the dress she wore at various times Jessica Simpson and Claudia Schiffer. Part of the collection of Autumn-Winter 2007/08 and was seen in March on the catwalk dress by Mariya Markina. It is an eye-catching dress in coral red which makes us look back, in chiffon and silk, the detail of the shoulder straps and chest is the key to elegance and the beauty of the model.

Jessica dressed him for the cover of August’s magazine Harper’s Baazar accompanying the image of balloons of the same color, while Claudia took him to commemorative dinner of the tragic anniversary of designer Gianni Versace in Milan. And I don’t have to emphasize that my favorite is the Schiffer with ironing hair and a handbag silver, since for my liking Jessica seems to have made excessive use of UVA and has never been a woman who in my opinion convey elegance.