Versace Atelier Spring-Summer

A little behind with respect to the Oscar ’ who was the gala of the year, but already has finally come out for taste of all those who want to look at them and pleasure of those who can buy them the collection of Spring-Summer 2009 designs of Versace Atelier.

We had a breakthrough with the beautiful design of Marisa Tomei for the event. A beautiful design on white ice with a dream-like tail. Suffice it to recall the beautiful design mosaic style of Charlize Theron at Cannes last year.

So as we all are aware of the beauty of the designs of Versace Atelier and it aided are among the famous, since we bring to them the collection for the next season. On this occasion the Italian House was decanted by the texture and details to give life to a collection of beautiful night and very wearable dresses.

The long tails as they are very present in Marisa, either in a cascade of rigid flyers, in undulating or concentric layers. Rigidity projected movement. A while we also have effects of contrast by a fabric mixed with transparencies in such a way that it reveals less than littoral.

According to Vintagenowtrending, short dresses are precious. They have strength in details, because in reality makes them very simple cut strapless neckline and knee, but whether a embroidery imitating petalrosa s overlapping or a floral ring, everything is in those small details.

The dresses that are glued to the body like a second skin and which are the specialty of Versace they could not miss. Bare backs with a very low cut, lysates that cover certain parts while they are left to see others and skirts long frills that recall the rhythm of a flamenco skirt. Versace Atelier has it all.

The colors are very sober: White, black, a touch of red, some designs in yellow soft, blue sky and a beautiful steel gray. The textures are mainly satin, satin silk and chiffon. Long chiffon and organza to give the effect of movement and sensuality.

Pick your favorite, I’ll stick with the two red.