Valentino in the Week of the Fashion of Paris Spring-Summer

It is obvious to look at the collection that offered Alessandra Faccinetti for the next Spring-Summer 2009 after knowing that the designer has been removed from his position as successor to the great maestro Valentino only three collections after having been named makes us look set with able eyes. However, the air of renewal that the Italian treatment give the firm, not to mention trying to maintain the ultra-feminine style that Valentino always printed her designs using ruffles and gathers, was not enough for the executives of the firm.

So with this weight in tow we saw a modern and feminine collection at a time whose central pledge were the mini-dresses. A piece that is on trend and that spring with spring can be sure will serve in our closet. Valentino’s had a fabulous fall by the use of the silk and satin, as well as the shorts.

Polka dots and boxes they made good uan appearance during the first part of the collection, with the black and white as a thread that binds to soft colors such as the yellow or the blue sky. But not all were smiles because between a few necks with Rhinestones and recamados suddenly appeared a floral print in yellow, that was the thing that is more like an armchair of Grandma I’ve seen in some time in terms of floral prints.

I also saw some dresses style wrap dress very feminine and elegant from I didn’t find any pants and of course that very few parts to combine. Rather everything was on the line of the dress be it short or long. That Yes evening dresses, above all the of draped Gaza with an only tight are fabulous. Could not miss the Red to the Valentino neither nor two-piece costumes reinterpreted for the season with shorts instead of a skirt or fishing pants.

The colors were expanded with the presence of the Red and cobalt For more formal suits and evening, with a few touch s of grey mother-of-Pearl very soft and elegant, as well as one touch of MOSS Green.

That Yes, the necks of boat jackets and embossed very years 50s were fabulous. But despite all that the Faccinetti It has worked, you can not zoom in magnificent style of “the last emperor”. So as soon have us to comply with a collection of feminine, soft, simple and sophisticated, but the greatness to which we were accustomed.