UEG, Usa E Getta

Has never been so cool to show that we believe in something

USA e Getta, something as well as usa and strip, is the Italian expression for American Use and Throw away. This is the battle cry of the Polish brand UEG.

The Alliance between fashion designer Anna Kuczynska and graphic designer Michael Lojewsk It enables us to play with the concept of consumption, using symbols and icons, known by all and that bring us closer to one industrial world in which everything is serialized.

And as in the art of the old school, the project has its own manifesto and rules:

unification, unisex, uni-temporal

Interesting white creations are designed to die, get dirty, disappear… are deciduous. The material used for the realization of their models is tyvek, a material that could be called organic, hence it’s disposable models.

Giving us a tour of your website, we can see that not only are dedicated to the design of sportswear, also can find packages and envelopes, which will give you that “revolutionary” point to our gifts and postal mail.

We can read the full manifesto on each model of the collection, I’ll stick with this:

Gli altri non sono altri is te sei even the Parrot

What would say that we are equal to others if we are not different, and the truth is that special if that we would be with any of these proposals from UEG.