Types of Glasses for Each Face

The sunglasses or degree are indispensable companions and inseparable of every woman, besides protecting the eyes make the production much more interesting. In case you are forced to use them every day, it is super important that you know how to use them and leave them in your favor, right? 

Usually people do not think about it, but the face type greatly influences how the glasses fit each shape, you know? For this, the woman separated a manual with the  types of glasses for each face.

Ideal frames for each face

Oval face

The oval face is the most democratic and matches all the frames. You can abuse at will according to prozipcodes.

Square face

Prefer round or oval frames. For this type of face, frames with rounded upper edges are ideal as they soften the sharp contour of the chin.

Triangular face

nvest in narrowed frames that are prominent in the area above the eyes.

Round face

The ordered are square or rectangular frames. Run away from the round frames and opt for the thicker rods.

More eyeglass type tips for each face

In addition to the type of face, choose your glasses according to the tone of skin and hair: light skins should preferably use dark frames and dark skins should opt for lighter frames.

And as we said, all these tips are also good for  glasses degree.We already showed famous photos with glasses , it is worth checking to give more help in choosing.

Now that you know how to choose the  type of glasses for each face , just put our tips into practice when buying your new accessory and scratch in the visual. If you want to get into fashion, bet on the mirrored sunglasses that have everything!