Types of Dress Shirts Cuffs

When a man decides to buy a shirt online gives more attention to detail, since not can test it and feel like it fits. And internet sites that offer online shirts know this and designed to have a navigation system very simple and fun where the user can choose every detail of the garment.

And have you really thought every aspect, from choosing the type of fabric for the dress shirt, design pattern, neck, tweezers, buttons, custom shirts, and even a detail usually overlooked when it comes to repair in a shirt design, as it is the type of puno. But this doesn’t make it less important, the puno is a very visible element in the shirt. The puno is on hand, so it is highly visible, both by our customers when we shook the hand and by our relatives or friends. It works almost as if it were a letter of presentation, that first impression that always has to please. There are many styles and varieties of puno in shirts dress up, alternating between the form and the amount of buttons. You can choose either at the time of designing your shirt online, your custom made shirt, but here are some important details at the time of choosing the puno for their online shirt the fist button is the most common, used in sport shirts and shirts of Italian collar used with ties. Some alternatives, this can be noted within this style the puno straight with a button, the puno angled also a button and the fist round the same style. All these designs can be found also with two and sometimes even with up to three buttons depending on designers and trends in each country. The height of the puno changes according to the number of buttons, and also to the design of the shirt. It is important to note that not all fists combine or stay well with all collars dressshirts. A puno with three buttons or not remains with a small neck and informal French of the buttoned style and sport fabric. It is suggested to keep a consistency in the choice of these details to the design a shirt online, and the best way to do no wrong is take into account the functionality of the garment, i.e. where or times is going to be used, if it is for office work, must not exaggerate with the details, on the other hand something more simple and functional. In the case of a formal shirt for a social event you can combine shirt and neck more elegant and more presence. Another thing important when choosing the fist of a dress shirt, are the buttons, not only as combines with the fabric color, but the size of the size of the puno and neck. And if you choose a contrasting color consider in advance if you plan to use tie whether to merge it or to rule out the idea. Another widely used fists especially in events more important, are a wedding, or a commitment social very important, are the puno French that can be found in two versions standard and the rounded. The puno French or double is the most elegant of all and is required for tag outfit. As its name implies is a puno double is folded abrochandolo with twins. The twins are men like shoes fetish women. They are a very elegant piece that completes the set, easy handling and giving the possibility to customize a same shirt with different accessories. It is not necessary to wear a tuxedo or a tuxedo to always use this type of cuffs will be OK if you decide to do it with a suit and is always going to be better than with a puno a button.