Trousers with Front Cuts Will Be The Most. Come on Everyone!

Since a few months ago my colleague Fashion intern announced that the new trend in pants was to carry a front cut, they are more and more girls I see that look this type of garment. And the truth is that I like: a cut in the bass of the pants always helps with according to which footwear, and doing so in the front, It does nothing more than bring a chic touch to the final styling.

If you are one of them that they can not wait to appear This kind of garment in store, You can define a DIY with some older model have a House to give him a new start. An example? The protagonist of Neonblush He did with his jeans in washed grey.

Although if you have a choice, I’ll take models that They provide a zipper for reversionarlos according to the day. The ones I like are the signature Closed for the next Autumn/winter 2013 / 2014: touch biker in a black model.

Do you go to look a? similar style?