Trends Spring-Summer 2013: Come Back 60’s

Posted by admin on June 14, 2017

Everything is back, above all in the World of fashion. And it is that trends come and go in effect boomerang and this Spring-summer 2013, more than ever, they begin to appear garments with that sixties roll that you love me. Small always asked me: what time would you have liked live? And I always answered the 60’s as Austin Powers with the uploaded tacky, the psychedelic in my closet and the good roll that gave his clothes off.

Louis Vuitton

If we speak of collections where the sixties are present at almost all times, Louis Vuitton It is the firm that first comes to mind. Those short dresses, with closed neckline and long sleeve I simply fell from the first moment. Although the printed course schedule He was present at all times in different colors. Yes, this collection is for keep it whole in the closet (hopefully!).

Marc Jacobs

The designer of the French firm is the same as which bears his name, Marc Jacobs. And for his collection he opted for the same air with models totally different and much more aggressive colors. How short is in fashion, although teach much leg (required bib shorts) and little else.

Michael Kors

In the collection of Michael Kors We found many gathered trends: stripes, the navel to the air and the 1960s. And in this field the designer embroider it: ideal models ready to be carried down the street unless you look like a newcomer character of the House of the past.


The more strident and psychedelic option comes from the hand of the Italian Moschino. Prints which you will not go unnoticed and only suitable combinations for the more daring (and lovers of this trend). What do I remember? The character of Austin Powers, of course.


With a Eastern air and in black, white and Red, Prada He presents his version where flowers and the shorts are present at all times.

Lovers of the trend?

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