Trends Low-Cost Spring-Summer 2013: Let You Carry by The Aires Ethnic

Week after week will viewing trends they invaded in his day on the runways with collections spring/summer 2013, but it is time to begin to see what trends low-cost they will invade the streets. And we started with the ethnic Aires, a trend which already had its moment of glory, but it seems to be more. So go with the sensations and begins to see These items with other eyes. Are you going to fall in love?

A piece of clothing will give you touch that like so much

Are many garments I find this trend. Jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, dresses, shirts, shorts and a long etcetera. If you’re of fans the ethnic air to you gonna go crazy, where to begin?

  • Ethnic print poncho’s White, 42,99 EUR.
  • Jacket with ethnic details of Bershka.
  • Jacket in red tones of Primark.

The shirts they are a key element for the springtime, thermometers where they begin to notice a rise in temperatures but not enough as to go in shirt sleeve. For this reason they are many versions which we will find: with beads, fringe, embroidery and diversity of colours.

  • Jersey with coins of White, 29, 99euros.
  • Shirt without sleeves black and white of Miss Guided.
  • Blouse with embroidered details of River Island.
  • Jersey embroidered with beads of Zara TRF, 29,95 EUR.
  • Jersey with red and copper accents of Bershka.
  • Jersey’s fringes in pastel colors of White, 25,99 EUR.

Do you lose the? shorts and the miniskirts? Then these models vana to be holy in your devotion. With small touches, bright colors or colorful prints, all of these models will make you succeed to the out on the street. For what you go?

  • Shorts with ethnic in one leg details of River Island.
  • Miniskirt of Bershka.
  • Shorts of paillettes and applications of Bershka.
  • Mini skirt color accounts of Zara.
  • Red shorts from Bershka.

Although if you prefer always you can opt for a Demi-season jacket or a dress that dress up your simple days.

  • Black dress with neckline detail of Bershka.
  • Oversize in khaki jacket of River Island.
  • Denim shirt of Primark.
  • Black Cardigan and vivid colors of River Island.

It complements your outfit

We saw it a couple of years, but this season again again. We speak of boots style cow-boy with decorated shank with ethnic patterns. What do you think?

  • Boots cow-boy with ethnic details of White, 42,99 EUR.
  • Boots with print on the shank of Primark.

And if you prefer always you can give that twist to your look Thanks to bag. Type shopping, shoulder bag or clutch, this will make your outfit is perfect. What you decant?

  • Red clutch of Bershka.
  • Mini clutch box from Zara.
  • Crossed black and white bag of Zara.
  • Shopping bag of River Island.
  • Clutch with beads of Bershka.