Trends Low Cost Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014: a Cheatings for Your Day to Day

Silk and lace dress with thin straps. After this description, the majority of women relate to her a cheatings, a Nightgown sleepwear or sexy lingerie. Nothing further from reality, and is that as we advanced fellow of fashion, Nightgowns are to take to the streets. And this trend low cost Autumn/winter 2013 / 2014 We show them they are doing more damage. Do you dare to put on your shoes and go out to buy bread? The year passed many they already came out in his pajamas, This time the fashion goes beyond…


If we are talking about a trend to boost it ever of takes them forget to visit Zara, It is the place where all the trends of the moment dan fit in the same space. So, like it or not, and this time in the variety is the spice of each one. Although all resemble each other in the end…

  • Dress lencero pictures, 79,95 EUR.
  • Long dress with asymetrical cut, 89,95 EUR.
  • With floral print, 39.95 euro.
  • Minidress lencero, 29.95 euros.
  • With floral print in XXL, 39.95 euro.


But if we are looking for something different that will save our pockets we must resorting to Primark. From there we get this version lingerie in mono way White with black details. Something just as risky but with a much more affordable price.

Are you that ye shall go forth into the street coming out directly from the bed?