Trends Autumn 2006 for Her

Let’s examine a bit what comes next fall.

  • Grey jeansGrey is the new blue. At least when we are talking about jeans. Grey is the next trend in jeans and any kind of gray will be valid. As announced some time, another trend this fall is the death of the drainpipe trousers. It is a pity, but the trends come and go and this time have to go (with the well that remain will think some).
  • KimonosThe kimono will be noted this season. You will see them in dresses and tops with different styles, from casual to evening.
  • Black and whiteThis classic combination of colors will also be hit hard this season. This trend is transformed from the striped sailor we’re seeing this summer to a very glamorous retro hit with a multitude of stripes and shapes in black and white. We will see much white and black evening dresses and gowns.


Changes in trends but remains dominant retro.