If yesterday showed you what clothes to disposable, today I commented otherwise, use what others throw as clothing.

It is the case of the shop NY Artificial, the original store Designer Alex Guzmán opened for 3 months in the capital of New York, and that helps us to start talking about a new term, the trashion.

While its slogan tells us that they are the first alternative handbags from NY store, in the shop can find exposed the proposals of various designers, ranging from handbags, to briefcases wallets at night, and all with a link in common, be made from waste material: wood, plastic, vinyl, garbage…
All put to the service of the hands of a few geniuses that make the small objects that are fun and very cool.

Without going so far, in Spain we find very similar proposal as of the Catalans demano, of those who publicly declare fan:

They also highlight committed collective Vaho Works proposals, funny and confrontational:

Fun also the option of Germans freitag, offering us the opportunity to make our own bag from tarpaulins truck that they propose to us: