Transparent Trend Shoes

Many may not like it, but it is a fact that they are very successful mainly among the famous. Learn more about it.

We all know that fashion is cyclical, that is, back and forth, so save what is now considered tacky, because one day fashion will certainly come back, repaginated, innovated, but it will come back. Who does not remember the fever that was the transparent shoes or with heels of acrylics? Well, the transparency in shoes is back and promise to be the big trend for the coming summer. Proof of this are international brands such as Prada, Marc Jacobs, Louboutin, Fendi, among others, who presented the transparency in their feet during their parades, with plastic sandals with acrylic, made the most success on the catwalks, adding lightness to the models.

A short time ago, it has been stoned, plastic and acrylic are back, gaining more and more women’s feet and can already be seen in many shop windows in the new footwear collections.The new models add differentiated value, giving the wearer style and attitude, but for translucent models it is essential that the feet are flawless.Models such as ankle boots, boots, sneakers, sandals, sneakers and even the classic Oxford men were foolishly renewed in this material, arriving in a very delicate and feminine version at the feet of women, even neon fashion was not left out, combined with Transparency, are perfect for those who are not afraid to dare, super modern women, fashioned.

A great advantage is that these shoes are totally neutral in color, so they match any look, adding a modern look to the look.For those who still wring their noses at the transparent models and who do not like to expose their whole foot, so that they can get used to this new trend that promises, the option is to invest in jumps in acrylics or models that present only some detail Plastic, but do not rule out the possibility of surrendering to this new fashion.Perhaps the translucent fashion awakens in us the princess side, so it deserves to be conferred.Bet the transparent shoes for this summer, just choose the model that most matches your style.