Topshop, Party Collection for the Christmas

Is increasingly less for Christmas and for when want us to realize, they will already be the lights on in all cities. Fashion chains are rushing to launch Special for numerous parties It held on these dates. Topshop, In addition to the collection designed by Kate Moss (who must be virtually sold out in stores), it has also brought four lines of Prom dresses and other types of garments that insurance coming us very well to look gorgeous during the upcoming holiday season.

In Topshop, Party Collections follow the latest trends and are suitable for the youngest, Unlike other clothing chains that make dresses evening dresses cocktail dresses with high gloss, long flight, too classic and very cheesy style.

The Circus collection , as its name suggests, is inspired by the Circus: tutus, corsets, oversized ruffles, exaggerated silhouettes, dresses of organza, Tulip skirts and sequined leggings. Polka dots, feathers and diamonds They decorate clothes to give them a playful touch daring. As garment, short short hair long to emulate a rocker Kate Moss.

For the 2 Tone collection mix male garments such as blazers oversize, fitted shirts and shorts, all in shades of white and black, with feminine details such as drawings of notes of music, of keys of the piano, and sequins. The line is completed with long black coat it allow you to protect you from the cold and go stylish.

According to BUSINESSCARRIERS, they pay brings the most Gothic and sinister proposals of the winter, combining leather and lace, Although that Yes, without losing the sweet and feminine side. Victorian jackets and leather trousers give us the punk touch that is smooth with lace skirts and silk blouses.

Finally, Punk Couture proposes us a small dose of mixed with very glam, using fabrics of metallic prints, leather corsets and skirts of flight.