Top 10 Best Looks of the Barcelona Bridal Week

Just finished the Barcelona Bridal Week, a week full of parades of wedding dresses for the coming year. After having seen all dresses presented wonder why firms do not opt for simpler things with modern touches, something that falls in love with a young bride. Today we review ten most beautiful bridal gowns for 2015.


This has been my favourite dress of all the catwalk, a very simple dress with nothing of rhinestones or lace but that I find perfect for a bride looking for a great dress without much complication.

For the bride who wants to take the day of your wedding to look an own any red carpet vestidazo, This dress with overlapping flowers, transparencies and close-fitting silhouette seems perfect to me. Avoid too many more ornaments.

More simple and classic, so this dress with a body of lace with a spectacular and very elegant neckline and a very simple skirt and bulky. For a more traditional girl but also a successful choice.

Juana Martín

I have seen many Flemish inspiration on the catwalk, the truth is that it is very fashionable. For which you want a dress with a flamenco touch but non-traditional this asymmetric dress with embossed flowers seems very suitable.

Another trend in wedding, that I like enough, are the simple dresses from long-sleeved, low neckline and some decoration. This meets all requirements.

Franc Sarabia

Something of the same idea but with a more sophisticated touch is this dress with tulle and decorated with precious stones on the shoulders and waist..

Hannibal Laguna

What is clear is that the lace top and the classic skirt is still carried a lot. This is another option with a classic point of Hannibal Laguna. Details of mini belts and little details I particularly do not convince me.

Victorio & Lucchino

The simplicity, according to, this Andalusian designers dress is what has captivated me. There are many brides who don’t like too much the style Princess and prefer something much more sober, this is a perfect option but I you complementary enough to extol the wedding day.

Rosa Clara

The collection of Rosa Clara It has not excited me for nothing, dresses quite ornate and little perfect body shapes that do not convince me too. This dress with transparencies, embroidery and a big tulle skirt seems to me the best of his collection but I also love.

Yola Cris

Finally I wanted to show a dress that I liked enough, very different and for a very modern bride and rock. Brides need not think all tales of Princess and blue Princes so this option seems interesting.

Barcelona Bridal Week in Jezebel

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