Tomtom Touch

The activity wristbands are very good companions if we want to be healthier and overcome us day by day. That’s why I’m very happy to announce that thanks to fitnesdigital you can take the TomTom Touch in#SuperConcursoOperacionBikini.

The TomTom Touch also is not a bracelet of any activity, it is the only one that analyzes your body composition . One last, do not you think?

What does the TomTom Touch activity bracelet do?

Well as a good activity bracelet that is, the TomTom Touch continues your activity throughout the day. Measure your steps, you know each step counts, the activity time, the calories you have burned throughout the day, how far you have traveled and how much you have slept. Come on, he’s a real spy of what we do.

If you want you can fool yourself and believe that you have not stopped all day, but the TomTom Touch can not fool you.

In addition, to be more motivating allows you to set weekly and daily goals to challenge yourself. Did you know just by recording the daily activity we increased it by around 26%? I have been with this type of records for some years now and I assure you that I hook you up with J

But, while it’s okay the TomTom Touch does more, much more.

It has an integrated heart rate monitor that allows you to have a control of your pulsations.

It has sport mode . This allows you to take control of your sports and training and watch as you gradually progress.

Its touch screen lets you go sliding through your statistics.

You can see the notifications of your phone at the wrist.

It has a lot of autonomy. Its battery lasts up to 5 days.

It has interchangeable bracelets of different colors.

The device has continuous improvement because they are makingupdates of the software that makes with each update your activity bracelet is better.

Your strong point: Analyze your body composition

The TomTom Touch is the only activity bracelet capable of analyzing your body composition . With it you can know what your percentage of body fat and body mass . You just have to press a button and that’s it.

Seeing how your body composition is changing over time is key. On the one hand, seeing your evolution will help you know and what you are doing works or not. And if it works, it helps keep you motivated.

And how can the bracelet know your body composition? Very simple, it uses the bioelectrical impedance , the same system that usually take the scales that measure the fat. With this system sends a small harmless current to the body and depending on its resistance allows you to know “that you are done.”

Do not you think the bomb?

Long live the good news. Get it for free at #SuperConcursoOperacionBikini

As I have anticipated before this activity bracelet can be yours “by the nose” thanks to fitnessdigital and also you can also wear an interchangeable bracelet Take it!

What do you have to do to get them?

Well, for you to get your ballot I have a mission for you.

Leave a comment on the last photo of the fitness digital Instagram in which a bracelet or an activity clock appears . In the photo mentions a friend , and so you can check that you have done well in the comment also use the hastag #superconcursooperacionbikini #fitnessdigitaloperacionbikini

If you do it well I will assign you a ballot with which you can participate in the draw.