To Kyle Minogue Cut You The Leg on The Cover of Elle and Nobody Is Realizes

What happened to multiple managers who have to give the final OK to the publication of this cover of? Elle not been repaired in the leg of Kylie Minogue? For many answers that we can imagine me does not fit into such head failure. They have eaten foot singer in a Photoshop error terrible.

The British Edition premiered the year 2013 on the wrong foot (easy and bad joke let me is Sunday afternoon) in your January issue, nothing to do with the taste of Vogue Japan.

We are not just a unrecognizable Kyle Minogue, as well they say in Styleite think Gwen Stefani, but that we must find the sandal foot, although it is low there should appear a foot with its corresponding heel, nothing small.

In addition, the pose and style leave this short dress of Christopher Kane become a look to forget. And that we are facing one of the most important numbers of the year, which opens in 2013. That returned us that foot, or at least to Kyle Minogue that the poor must be going so badly these days to walk.