Tips to Clean Your Grade Glasses Without Damaging the Lens

It has been a long time since grade glasses were no longer undesirable and have come to be considered accessories that may even help to enhance our face and enhance our style.

Today, with an immense variety of materials, models, colors and brands, the degree glasses have become fashion icons and help us to compose looks for various occasions – so much so that it is common to find people who have more than one pair of glasses, choose which model fits most with the day’s outfit.

In addition, glasses are often expensive items, especially if your lenses are special or if you want a frame signed by a famous brand. As a result, a concern arises about the correct way to clean and conserve our accessories, so that they last for many, many years.

With that in mind, we have separated a list with essential tips for you to take care of your glasses and leave them new for as long as possible:

1. Wash lenses with mild soap and water

If no one has explained you, yes, you can and should wash your glasses with soap and water or mild detergent. To do this, you should put the glasses in running water and rub a drop of liquid soap on each lens.

Then let it air dry preferably. If necessary, you can use a handkerchief to dry the eyewear and give the final polish with the cloth that comes with your accessory.

2. Clean the frame after using make-up

When we use base, concealer and powder, or even moisturizers and sunscreen, these products end up sticking to the frame and the platelets (those transparent pinnacles that help hold the glasses in the nose).

So ideally, you wipe the frame and platelets with a tissue or a cotton swab whenever you notice that at the end of the day they become soiled with residue from these products. If necessary, wash with soap and water – or your accessory may stain over time.

Tips to Clean Your Grade Glasses Without Damaging the Lens

3. Always store your accessory in the kit

If you are not going to wear your glasses at some point, always store them in the case with the lenses facing upwards. This is the best way to keep your accessory when it is not in use, avoiding scratches and dust accumulation.

Carrying the case with you will prevent you from simply dropping your glasses into the bag or leaving them on the table, risking forgetting them when you leave.

4. Try to take and place glasses with both hands

You may even think that you do not have to worry about taking off and putting on the glasses with both hands because you will never knock them down, but there is another reason for that.

When we use only one hand to handle the glasses, especially to remove them, we are always forcing the accessory to the same side, and this ends up bending the frame, as you can see in the image above.

5. Never wipe the lenses on the shirt

It may seem like an innocent habit, but wiping your glasses on the T-shirt or any fabric other than the cloth that comes with the accessory can damage the lenses.

This is because the fabric of most fabrics, even cotton, is quite irregular, with a plethora of loose threads. We do not see these wires with the naked eye, but with a magnifying glass it is possible to verify their presence.

When wiped against the lenses, these loose wires cause microscopic scratches that you may not see at first, but that deteriorate your glasses over time.

That way, the best way to polish your lenses is only with the microfibre cloth that comes along with the glasses.

6. Do not wash your glasses without washing them before

You can even eliminate the bad habit of cleaning the lens with the shirt, but be aware that passing the cloth that comes with your glasses or even a piece of paper on the lenses before washing them can damage your accessory.

This is because by rubbing any material against the lens, we are dragging particles of dust and dirt against them, so that we can end up causing risks.

So, the safest way to clean your glasses is to wash them with soap and water first, to remove all the small particles that may be deposited on the lens, and then polish with the cloth.

7. Putting your glasses on your head can damage them

It may not seem at first glance, but our head is wider than our face. So, by putting the glasses on top of the head, it will end up deforming and getting wider. If you need to store your glasses, always place them inside the protective case.

8. Keep your glasses out of extreme heat

Leaving the glasses in places where it is very hot, such as the glove compartment of the car, can eventually cause deformations in the frame over time, bending the rods or spoiling the protective films of the lenses.

9. Never force the frame to try to adjust it

If you notice that your glasses are a little crooked, do not try to force the frame yourself. In an attempt to fix it, you are more likely to break the frame. The best thing to do is to take them to the nearest point of view.

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