Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress

One of the most significant things for a wedding is the choice of your wedding dress. The choice of the length depends on your body, color of skin, hair color, style, etc. would like to know what the perfect wedding dress for you?

As you had said before the shape and choice of your wedding dress will depend on your type of body, the place of celebration, time, month or the style of the ceremony to carry out. It usually is usually begin to choose wedding dress before the 6 and 3 months before the Festival. Then, I will give you to know the types of body, from there you can choose your perfect wedding dress.


It is the most perfect and balanced body. It supports all kinds of tissues, structures, colors, cuts and designs. This body type is the one in which the contour of the breast is similar to contour the hips and waist well close. To take full advantage of this type of body, waist must consider without delay, and the bust and hips are marked without causing too. The skirt can look bell-shaped, straight, pleated, and cloths, but always on the basis of a well fitted waist.


As its name implies, is all the curve: too bust and buttocks and hips predominantly well narrow waist. The lower part of the body carving a little more than the top. To highlight the beauty of this type of body must choose fabrics soft, that it fits gently and do not stimulate an optimal effect of many carvings more on the circumference of the chest and hips. Here you will have to avoid ornaments or other details. Although tied cross forms or not next to perfect the bust and waist and biased skirts.


The upper part is narrow and tiny and the biggest difference compared to the bottom part of the waist, where it gradually widens hip that ends well plump legs. For this type of body moves slightly extend the shoulder portion using shoulder pads and let soft in the body width. The bottom will be with irremediable amplitude: with fabric of medium weight or light weight, as tulle, silk or crepes. Fabrics selected for the upper area can be used from the same tissue in the lower area. Not choose the necklines at the back as well as the sleeves style Japanese.


Need to enhance all the details at the bottom of the maxi wedding dress, based on The pleated, straight lines will favor him, prevents gathers at the side of the waist as well as layers or flyers. To be a body type triangle inverted the best is to use tissues with sizing as lined satins and silks and with certain wrinkle. You also shall foster deep necklines and geometric patterns.