Tights for Men Fashion

After bags, leggings and jewelry, walkways dress the man in pantyhose, from 20 to 40 pence, from black to flesh-colored. Yes, you read right: flesh-colored. One of the first to speak on the subject could only be Wild Lucarelli: let’s see how it went…

A man traits ephebic, curly blond hair and cherubic, laying lying with open shirt, sexy emblem par excellence to man. Not wearing anything… but one of the most discussed accessories – and generally aberrated – among women: a pair of tights. Flesh-colored. Yes: is the hype Gerbe Paris, craft boutique haute couture active “since 1904,” he said on http://www.internetiest.com/mens-fashion/summer-must-have-clothes-2016-for-men/2016/.
Nearly 20 thousand likes and more than 3,500 shares for a shower of comments all in shades Wild:

Once the tights men used it to make robberies … .stavamo better when we were worse!

But is it true or is it a joke? Tacky, I might add… I think I took their own lives in a mass a thousand hormones.

Men are ready to sue for slander those who say that these things are from and to men. For charity.

And so on, for a few thousand times.

In spite of how we and Facebook users might believe, but it seems that when it comes to fashion trends tights for men are the last shriek. And of course, the dogma comes from the catwalks: already last year he sensed the beginnings of a more and more feminine men, trend fully confirmed in 2016 with a near male proud to draw on, ideally, from the closet of his lady.

The tights for men – with obvious open front and molded to the shape of men’s legs, which are not exactly like ours – are not a solo single fashion house who wanted to gamble. Far from it. Have been proposed as to Italian brands such as foreign ones. Panorama reports that the long tights for men are killing hearts of fashionistas in the UK and America, so that the brand would compete to win the leadership of the best-selling men’s tights. And therefore more profitable. Because, again according to Panorama, the UK chain Tights last year said that 40% of its revenue was linked precisely to the sale of tights for men, an idea in which the pioneers were the Americans G. Lieberman & Sons with tights in special anti-sweat fabric. Now, one after the other like wagons, arriving Wolford, Gerbe, Emilio Cavallini-who coined the meggings, which leggings for men with fantasies stars and skulls, Falke…

And while the business for voice Forbes, uncork bottles – “The new idea-billion intimate sector is the tights for man” – from the catwalk comes forward an idea of more and more male flirtatious and vain, not only closer to practicality and needs above all to the habit of accessories to wear for the simple sake of it. Originally, indeed, it was the bags – the bucket and the clutch, no purses or briefcases – and then came the jewels, male, yes, but less and less. And the fashion market continues to celebrate: the Corriere della Sera a few months ago reported:

According to a study by Euromonitor, a luxury handbag every five sold today are men. The males spend six billion dollars a year in purses and handbags for themselves, and last year they purchased 5.9 million, against 25.6 million women sold bags in the same period: a fifth of the market.

A return to the past or forward decisively towards the future? Both, somehow. The Middle Ages, the “new” trend of tights for men retains men’s tights as a key element, and the future brings technologies into tissues, combinations of leaders (see mantyhose, that man + pantyhose, or guylons, guy + nylons, both McQueen). Leading the way to man “normal” wearing the tights, the players Pogba and Boateng, former model Tyson Beckford and basketball player Russell Westbrook, Barneys testimonial.

Upset? We admit, a bit so are we. But try to tell us that basically we also women some years ago we started to “rummage” metaphorically in his wardrobe, with outerwear mannish and increasingly popular boyfriend jeans.
Okay, it did not work…