This Summer King Mount

“Another year are the”oversized”, “OWL”, or” King mount. Some rumors indicate that it is the last season of this type of glasses, but you never know, that Marc Jacobs and company will tell.

This summer you know, a little “OWL” as these six models that we present here. From left to right: Fendi Limited Edition with Swarovski crystals, Christian Dior glossy, Gucci by Tom Ford, Versace Tortoise, Diesel y Ralph Lauren. A boat soon, which would you prefer?

The trend is clear: long glass of Swarovski (as we can see in the three left of Fendi, Gucci and Diesel). Except for some examples, nearly-transparent crystals are not, on the contrary, we see much gradient, completely dark crystals as the Fendi or crystals in purple tones as the Versace or Ralph Lauren. Another change from previous years are logos. The typical huge logo on the PIN has given rise to smaller logos and in some cases adorned with Swarovski crystals

To my personally I quite like this type of glasses (not all obviously), but if you don’t like these “OWL”, recalls, Mount surround or the classic Aviator Ray-Ban, which are very well, and almost all brands have their models.