They Are Fashion Victims, Have It in Their Blood and DNA

Posted by admin on July 22, 2017

Being fashion is a difficult job, but being a fashion victim is a level too high that not all can be reached. They do not lose a trend, they are in all the soirees that firms assemble, and they suffer from cold and heat to be able to look wonderfully well. And today they are recruited in New York walking Palm by its snowy streets. Although there is one thing that I have no clear: be taken daily antibiotic? With that snow storm and feet in the air do not want or know what defenses must have & #8230;

Who said that, in winter, it is not recommended the? colorful? Or the eye-catching prints? None of this, and if Furthermore these tones are in coats and trousers already we have the perfect look for them.

The philosophy that preach It is simple entende but difficult to practice: to show off there to suffer. So you can see them with shoes, half a foot outdoors and piles of snow around. These girls are from another planet, are made of iron or the way they do outdoors is so short that they are allowed to go as little sheltered.

And something that always, always, always use are the trends of the moment. It seems that the of the black and white It won’t arrive with life in summer, because this step we will have already tired of it.

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