These Looks Are Cool Because They Know Them

Posted by admin on July 31, 2017

There are looks that you see them and you think: jo! How I they like!. Although you know that never will serve as source of inspiration, as it is not your roll for nothing and never would have value to leave to this guise Street. Or, simply do not you feel comfortable with a blazer or some sneakers. And is that the well the world blogger that the variety of styles that one can find by clicking from home. If you have a trash day going to a page, if you have a cool day to another, and if you simply want to go Super death to work, you go to another blog. This is the greatness of the internet, and today we do a review of very different looks but they are cool they know to defend them.

And start with the protagonist of Maffashion which points to the fashion of wearing yankees t-shirts and does so with a model of Primark. This time she chooses a size L for take it to mode of dress. What do you think? Although another look that I loved is none other than this where a Celine style coat It is perfection with a few Leopard lounges. I like the mixture although there would be no value to bring it.

Although for those mixtures which are simple but nothing boring. And who knows very well make them is the protagonist of Viva Luxury: skinny in electric blue, cotton t-shirt and pants jacket white nuclear and rooms at blue sky. Mola!

Which of them do you stay?

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