The Yellow Continues

Last summer began already to be Yellow. That color which for many bad luck and that is why you never put. I confess that I had nothing yellow until the last summer I bought a t-shirt of Pedro de el Hierro in the tone and I loved as I stayed in the face. So this year I’m back again and I have already purchased my shorts, shoes, and another shirt, all in yellow. So I encourage you to itch to show off this acid but nice tone.

In summer, forget about boring and dull colors and wears bright colors as Red, pink and yellow, which are the three colors of this season. But not only in garments, also in Add-ins. That Yes, need to dare. And better if they are plain clothes, nothing prints with a yellow background, since in this way it is less striking. Since you get to look, it looks.

While traditionally qualifying negatives, yellow, attributed to him in their different shades (mustard, squeaky and cake), It is fashion. For some it’s inelegant, for the superstitious an impossible to combine color is prohibited color and others. And it is not. Combines perfectly with black, Moreover, I would say that it is the combination of this summer. And also with white.

The advantage of this acid color and garish is favoring, rejuvenates and raises the Tan. In addition, it is a cheerful color, and well can be very sophisticated. To the eels they have better because it highlights them more by hair tone. But even if you are blonde you encourage you to try.

As you can see this spring-summer see yellow in multitude of garments and accessories: in dresses from child inspiration, in dresses baby doll, t-shirts with Lantern sleeves, pleated skirts, short jackets and bikinis.

Many celebrities who have already added it to her closet: Paris Hilton, Penelope Cruz, Angelina Joli, Beyonce, Fergie, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria They encouraged this color, and they were fantastic, each with its style, but all, including all blondes look marvelous.