The White Shirt Three Lessons

Posted by admin on October 25, 2016
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Nothing is more flattering than a white shirt. GQ gives you the codes for good in all situations.

Yes GQ changes his mind like a shirt! If this summer, we advise you to adopt a flower pattern in the fall, we ask you simply to forget in your closet (or burn on the altar of fashion, c ‘ depends).You did not think still return on the benches of the bullpen, coconut palms pushing you under the jacket? So do you not know that the style was not a case of Roman calendar, but of circumstance? Do as Don Draper, the boss of Mad Men , which always has a white shirt (and clean) in the drawer of his desk. The key is, of course, know well the choosing.

The Smoking Shirt (above)

White or ivory poplin, classic collar (Penguin least the broken neck) and pleated front that you hesitate to exercise your ironing skills, it is a sign that you are a man who can bend the rule tastefully. Please note, if “black tie” is down the invitation, you are good to go for this shirt “forgotten” to the cleaners.

  • Smoking € 2,300 and € 170 bowtie
  • Givenchy• Shirt “Bond”
  • Ralph Lauren Black Label 295 € • Glasses
  • Ray-Ban 135 € • Bag
  • Gucci 100 € • Watch
  • Rolex € 15,750

Detail That Kills
Sponsors of the festival will arm of cufflinks as discreet as possible to close their cuffs.
• Smoking Givenchy 2 300 € • shirt Lanvin 205 € • Cufflinks Samuel Gassmann 130 € • Watch Rolex 4300 €

The Boyfriend Shirt

Characterized by its buttoned or “American” neck and thicker cotton weaving called oxford apparent, it was introduced in 1896 by the eminent tailor the American upper class, Brooks Brothers, who was inspired shirts Player polo. Buttoning their clothes preventing neck back in their face. It was rightly labeled preppy, since this shirt was mostly adopted by students of colleges on the East Coast.Since then she has lost neither its relevance nor its matt gloss. This is the shirt chic sport par excellence, never worn with a suit in theory rather jeans or chinos, with or without a tie, all depends on how smart you want to inject into your outfit with boyfriend shirt wearing tips.

Version preppy

  • Shirt Maison Kitsuné190 € • Jean Uniqlo 39 € • Tie Clip Marc Deloche290 € • Tie Monoprix 19 € • Belt Hermes € 620

Perversely, fashion has a knack for breaking the established codes. Show that you know within.Button the shirt up to the top, put on a suit and make abstraction of the tie that would mess your work. Add a pair of how John Lennon sunglasses to open you the way.

  • Veste Marchand Drapier590 € • Chemise soft roll collar Brooks Brothers 114 €

If you are the boss (left)

The width of the setback is the best way to mean that you have gone upmarket.But remember to push the collar (and ties) in width synchronously. And flared, the cervix is ​​called Italian.

  • Jacket Pal Zileri1 250 € • Shirt Van Laack 190 € • Tie New Man 70 € • Cover The Tie Bar € 12

If you are an employee (right)

Do not try to ape (the boss). You’d be ridiculous. Anyway, you do not have enough broad shoulders to bear the reverses the position. A simple shirt cuffs and classic collar (or French) between 6 and 7 cm wide will do.

  • jacket Strellson around 400 € • Shirt Façonnable 115 € • Tie Berluti € 200

The Costume Shirt

Although the blue shirt came through the front door into the company, including the white shirt is from the term “white collar” remains indispensable to the panoply of the businessman. Here fantasy point, the case is serious and the neon light, intractable. The fewer buttons (in course nacre), better you will be. The button must be useful and not decorative. Choose a model cotton poplin, whose weaving is smooth, slim-fit if the body tells you, and whose bottom is rounded to address any unsightly breakaway.


The collar of the shirt has the slightly rounded tips.Wrongly considered a visionary coquetry, this shirt has nevertheless been the preserve of the guns of fashion from the 1920s to 1960s, today embodied in the most stylish series like Downton Abbey and Mad Men. Worn with a black tie in fine mesh under an arched costume, she signed the retro chic.

  • Jacket Forever 2151 € • Shirt The Nines 59 € • Tie Boss € 65

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